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The Pre-K Scholars program is designed for children ages four and five who have not yet entered kindergarten. Concepts in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social – Emotional Development, Social Studies and Health are taught. You and your child will learn together, play together, and create a lifetime of memories.

We want every child to have the skills necessary to succeed in kindergarten. If you answer NO to one or more of the following questions, please call Encourage Tomorrow and sign you and your child up for our Pre-K Scholars program.

  • Can your child grasp a pair of scissors properly?
  • Does your child recognize the eight basic colors and color words?
  • Does your child understand the connection between number recognition and number value?
  • Does your child demonstrate scientific observations and predict different outcomes?
  • Does your child interact appropriately with other children?
  • Can your child recite and write their name, telephone number and street address?
  • Can your child recognize healthy versus un-healthy snacks?
  • Does your child follow directions and social rules (sit still, raise hand, etc.)?

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